The aim at We make Sound is to treat each project as a bespoke item.

I offer a range of specialised services including:

  • bespoke composition for film trailers, web sites, games (both mobile and console)
  • sound design
  • interactive game audio integration
  • foley and location recording
  • installations and exhibition space
  • exploring new technologies and territories

Please click on the sections below to explore the services in more depth:

Bespoke Composition

These days, it is very simple to use off-the-shelf library music to provide a soundtrack to your film or animation. This is no bad thing, considering much of the material is very high quality. But, there is always that risk that someone else will have used that same piece of music in their project. What if you could have an interpretation of your requirements? That is something We Make Sound excel at; working with you at every step of the process to achieve the desired result.

Sound Design

Often a budget can impose unrealistic contraints on not only time, but the depth at which one can go into tailoring material. We Make Sound believes that each project requires a bespoke tailored approach to achieve that unique and personal sonic signature. I aim to use material from my extensive sample library, ideally recorded myself, rather than off-the-shelf sound effects. The sounds will be filtered, layered and run through a raft of processes to sculpt the sound to achieve the desired effect. Check out the work in my portfolio.

Web Audio

In recent years, the web has become a media-rich and immersive experience with new technologies like cloud computing and web-based applications. There have also been a number of developments in so-called interactive synthesis and sound generation. That is, sound and music that take on organic qualities depending on the environment the user is in. I have skills in Javascript, HTML5 and Flash - the backbone of the new audio revolution.

Foley, Location & Field recording

Creating unique sounds often requires going to extra lengths to find sources from the practically infinite sonic universe.

Exhibition & Art Installation

Often help with getting your sonic ideas off the ground can be the key factor in a project's success. I am available for consultation and hands-on assistance, with a wealth of experience at your disposal.

Technically confusing stuff!

Let's say you have a brilliant idea and you require something just that little bit more...but you are not entirely sure how to achieve your aims. It's the kind of challenge We Make Sound pines for. I have extensive knowledge of environments such as LibPd + Pure Data, Plogue Bidule, Supercollider, OSC networking and love putting those skills to good use.

If that sounds a little voodoo, or you think it might be what you need, then its probably best that you get in contact to tell me about your idea!